Clive Bates je prihod e-cigarete napovedal že leta 2000

V rubriko splošno o elektronski cigareti spada resna debata o vsem, česar niste uspeli razvrstiti v nobeno drugo rubriko.

Clive Bates je prihod e-cigarete napovedal že leta 2000

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Jo je skorajda popolnoma trofil in vedel je tudi, da jo bodo hoteli ban-ati:

"Imagine a hypothetical new product—let us call it “Satisfaction”. Assume it has the nicotine delivery of a Marlboro cigarette—not only the same dose of nicotine but the same speed of action and “impact”. To make it palatable it has been flavoured, perhaps with something fashionable like tequila. As an ironic marketing gambit, a hard living cadaverous rock star has been enlisted to endorse the product. It is packaged like “poppers” (capsules of amyl nitrate) and sold initially in bars and clubs to give it an “underground” feel. Of course, “Satisfaction” is powerfully addictive and the nicotine has effects on the heart and other health consequences. It appeals to the young and there is concern that teenagers might start to use it. In many respects, it is similar to a Marlboro cigarette, except that it does not expose the user (or people nearby) to inhalation of 4000 products of tobacco combustion and greatly reduces the risk of disease associated with long term nicotine use. Even if it is not entirely safe, “Satisfaction” is far less harmful than smoking tobacco.

What would you think about this product? Would you fight to ban it, or fight to have it introduced? I would want it introduced. It is an alternative that introduces no new risks that are not already present with cigarettes, but greatly reduces smoking related health risk. The truth is, however, that we are unlikely to be asked. No pharmaceutical regulator would approve “Satisfaction”, and knowing the impossibility of bringing such a product to market, no food or drug company would even begin any sort of development."

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